Well it really is difficult to pick the best moment of what has been a magnificent season for Wigan Athletic.

Holding the League One trophy was a personal favourite for me, but who can forget the several comeback victories from 2-0 down, the last minute winners and the amazing away days we have all embarked on.

However, the most pleasing aspect about this term is the connection that has been developed around the club. From the fans, to the players and through to all of the staff, it’s amazing what a bit of positivity and confidence can do.

You only have to look as far as last campaign to see how far we’ve come. Last year we were losing almost every week, playing abysmal tactics and it just wasn’t enjoyable.

And now we never look like losing. We have players who entertain and are proud to wear the Latics’ shirt and we have a young manager in Gary Caldwell who has brought an identity back to this football club.

I can’t remember singing the manager’s name or the name of any player last year, but now you can’t go to a match without hearing almost every person’s name chanted.

Just look at infectious the Will Grigg song has become!

Yes, we may not win as many games in the Championship as we did in this division, but it’s finally enjoyable to watch Wigan again and long may it continue with Caldwell’s Blue and White Army.

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