After Latics’ emphatic 3-0 win at home to Bury, our very own AGL writer, Kieran Makin, spoke to one of the local lads from the first team Jordan Flores.

A good win Jordan, a big one, 3-0, what did you think?

“A very good win yeah, a big statement. All the other results have gone for us and it’s the final push now, hopefully we’ll finish the job and get promoted.”

A good day at the office then, but do you think you should have come on? (he was on the bench)

“You always want to get on the pitch if you’re on the bench, but it’s what the manager wants. How the game’s panned out means that the main thing is the three points, it’s not about getting on the pitch. Obviously it would be nice to get a run out but the win and the team is the bigger picture.”

You’re a local lad and it’s the club you’ve always supported, if we rollback to that Fleetwood game can you just talk us through how you felt when you scored?

“Honestly, I can’t describe the feeling it’s the best feeling I’ve had in my life. When I scored I didn’t know where to run, I just went all dizzy, just… I can’t describe it. It was the best feeling ever times 100.”

Looking round the DW Stadium and there’s photographs of you up scoring and celebrating. You think about your celebrations beforehand, but did you know how to celebrate or did your adrenaline take you?

“My head just went and I just ran off!”

The red card you got at Oldham was disappointing for you but has it been a massive learning curve for your career?

“It’s been a massive learning curve definitely. It happens when you’re younger and it’s regretful. Hopefully it hasn’t had a big affect on the season and we’ll still get promoted, because obviously we dropped two points. I’ve come back from it and learned and when I get another chance it won’t be happening again.”

When you look at how the team’s playing, with the pace, speed and trickery and the likes of [Ryan] Colclough and Yanic [Wildschut] taking on players – do you think the style would suit your game down to the ground?

“I don’t think so, my game is more of a passing game. I’ve always found it comfortable to pass the ball but I’d say my game can be a bit of a mixture as well. I think I’m capable of running at defenders and taking them on but obviously not as good as Yanic.”

Finally, where do you see your best position?

“I think central midfield, that’s where the manager played me on my debut against Bury in the League Cup.”

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