Next issue of All Gone Latics

The next issue of the All Gone Latics fanzine (Issue 18) is out nowwith matchday sales against Leeds United on Sunday 7 May. Sellers will be located on the bridge over the Dougie in the South-East corner of the DW Stadium. The Zine is also available from Sparks News (opposite Wigan Wallgate train station), The Brickmakers Arms and The Pear Tree.

Fanzine Team:

  •  Editor: Liam Sephton
  •  Designers: Dan Farrimond and Nathan Johnson
  •  Main Contributors/Sellers: Cow-dun-beef, Chris Coughlin, Luke Crompton, Drew Darbyshire, Mark Hayes, Kieran Makin and Dan Rodenby

Issue by issue interviews:

AGL02 – Graham Kavanagh and Fred Sephton

AGL03 – Joe Newton

AGL04 – Mike Flynn and Andy Liddell

AGL05 – Colin Greenall and Graham Lancashire

AGL08 – David Lowe

AGL09 – Ian Kilford and David Wright

AGL10 – Pat McGibbon

AGL11 – Jason Jarrett

AGL12 – Nicky Eaden

AGL13 – Derek Stillie, Kevin Kilbane and Emmerson Boyce

AGL14 – Gary Teale and Tim Lees

AGL15 – John Filan

AGL17 – Will Patterson