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Supporter of teletext. Collector of cheesy Wigan Athletic puns. That annoying bloke off those Latics podcasts. All opinions stolen from someone else. Jesus Was a Wiganer!

Wigan 2 Nottingham Forest 0: Edge of Tomorrow

Please welcome Warren Garton Joyce, Wigan Athletic's newest and foremost 'edgelord'. The sort of guy who, like a dog, watches you eat for fifteen...
Internet troll

A New Year’s article written by the Internet

Happy New Week, Latisticians. Because I’m a poor writer and can’t generate 400 words of original content without resorting to random sentence generation software,...
Don't fear the Reaper

Wigan 0 Huddersfield 1: Say you want a resolution?

It's gone, guys. 2016 has just been lost to the greatest monster of all, the omnipotent and most certainly malevolent entity that keeps the...
Spotted Dick

Derby 0 Wigan 0: Sponge blustered

Idiot's guide to human society: shamelessly flog your insufferable crud to people who don't want it for many more buttons than they can feasibly...
Donervon and Yanic

[Audio] Progress With Unity Christmas Quiz 2016

Four years ago, Progress With Unity hosted a gala Christmas function complete with snacks, flimsy party hats and a Latics-themed quiz. It was attended...
FIFA glitch

Rotherham 3 Wigan 2: Fairytale of New York

Enjoying your pristine boxed copy of International Superstar FIFA Fever Pitch Striker for the Segabox Supertendo? I thought so - it is, after all,...

Alternative Match Highlights – Wigan Athletic v Ipswich Town

Latics v Ipswich was a game that defied all logic. Why the insistence on goal scoring all of a sudden? And why such vitriol...
Santa is not real

Wigan 2 Ipswich 3: There is no Santa Claus

Welcome, my dear Laticians, to the Margarine Zone. Moments before your freshly buttered slice of lovingly-prepared toast hits the filth-encrusted kitchen floor with a sickening...
FIFA Soccer

Football League Championship Tips and Cheats Guide

Is your team still under-performing? Are you hunting for crusty morsels in the darkest depths of the cockpit they call the relegation zone? Hopelessly...