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Supporter of teletext. Collector of cheesy Wigan Athletic puns. That annoying bloke off those Latics podcasts. All opinions stolen from someone else. Jesus Was a Wiganer!
Robo ref

Birmingham 0 Wigan 1: The best medicine

Oh, for a season without disruption. Oh, for Championship Manager style outcomes calculated using the raw skill data of individual players. Oh, for robotic...
Football chickens

Blackburn 1 Wigan 0: Embrace Your Inner Chicken

The author apologises in advance for making you hungry. That's how they getcha, those treacherous swines. They lure you in by branding you a coward,...
Mud wrestling with horses

Wigan 0 Nottingham Forest 0: Mud wrestling season

Ah, that most wonderful time of year again. Time to carefully extract that bucket and spade from your garage's Jenga pile for a spot...
Wayne Shaw pie eating incident

More Wigan Athletic fake news headlines

“Morsy’s magical sweatband stolen and held to ransom for seven copies of 2013 FA Cup Final DVD and a Man United-Wigan half and half...

QPR 2 Wigan 1: Sold a lemon

Ah, you made it beyond AGL's new paywall! Congratulations, and thank you for your payment of an Uncle Joe's Mint Ball. I am here...
2017 FA Cup Final Wigan v Preston

Wigan 0 Preston 0: The Final Poutdown

Are all the Wiganers gone now? Good, because I fear today is the day I am finally forced out of this town on a...
Cheesy Valentine

Wolves 0 Wigan 1: Valentine’s roulette

The question most asked this St. Valentine's Day? Nope, it isn't 'why on Earth did you bring me to the Poundsavah cafe again?' But...
It was all a dream

Fulham 3 Wigan 2: All a dream?

"Fulham v Wigan? Well, you may as well go and paint the pantry, alphabetise your BBC Micro type-in games collection or ride your ostrich...
Waluigi double bogey

Wigan 2 Norwich 2: Double Bogle

"Friday night game? Wooh yeah, extended weekend!" But when King Wozzer emerged from that three-day break, one glimpse of the Daily Fail shot a large...