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Sensible Soccer funny names

Goalscoring Superstar Heroes

As 3,000+ Ticsmen go nuts on Blackpool’s South Shore this Saturday, the nearby Norbreck Castle Hotel will be preparing for something considerably more… Sensible. Jon...

How to settle your nerves during the promotion run-in

Oh my, the promotion battle is getting rather tense, isn’t it? Against Southend on Saturday, the entire DW Stadium will be wracked with anxiety...
Blackpool client code

What would you do for a Blackpool client code?

Author’s note: this is not a real competition – that’s just something I made up for the purposes of this article. Just pretend what...

Wigan 1 Coventry 0: Alternative match highlights

Zzzz... booo-rrrring! Couldn't they have picked more interesting highlights? I mean, supremely worked Will Grigg winners are great and all, but you see 'em...
Doc Brown with sports almanac

Hack From the Future: The Final Month

Oh, it was never once in doubt. When Wigan Athletic deservedly hit first place in Football League One, there wasn’t a single team powerful...

AGL Media Podcast 02 – Not the 100 Points Edition

Recorded live on Monday night... from The Moon! Ahh, that little reference to the intriguingly-named Moon Under Water Inn never fails to amuse me. In...

Strange things cable network commentators say Vol. IX

*Names altered to protect identities. “Even though Team ST are trailing Team WA 4-1, there is always the chance there will be a repeat of...

Wigan 1-0 Rochdale: Alternative match highlights

You've seen the official 2 minute match highlights package. But now, here's the stuff they deemed too sexy for YouTube or even the Internet. Warning:...
Paper planes large

The Paper Plane Saga Vol II: Morsy and Caldwell reveal all

If they aren’t shopping lists, and they aren’t crib notes for a forthcoming driving test, then what exactly could those little pieces of paper...