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Supporter of teletext. Collector of cheesy Wigan Athletic puns. That annoying bloke off those Latics podcasts. All opinions stolen from someone else. Jesus Was a Wiganer!
Snowman damp

Wigan 1 Leeds 1: Just let her go

There is a damp stain at the top of my bathroom wall. As it is growing larger every day, it will eventually consume the...
Hasta la vista, Championship

Reading 1 Wigan 0: Hasta la pasta, gravy

In this post-fact world, it is difficult to know who you can trust. So trust nobody, not even yourself. Latics lifting the FA Cup in...
Technica Difficulties

Wigan 0 Cardiff 0: We’ll be right back

It is confirmed, my friends - Jesus is a Wiganer... still. Along with his fellow Amigos, the wonderfully named Jesus Seba has returned to...
Wenger egg

Brighton 2 Wigan 1: Hau My Gaard

Happy Poundsavah Chocolate Egg Day, dear reader! As all good parents know, this is the day you can start buying your egg-shaped confectioneries as...
Weird formation

Wigan 3 Barnsley 2: The Walking… Not Quite Dead

Greetings... erm, small time weblog readers? Did I say that right? I am Ed Q Hitter, otherwise known as the actual editor of this website....
All a joke

Wigan 3 Rotherham 2: The Walking Dead

Well, ain't that just a bummer? I missed this entire game as I was stuck at Westhoughton railway station seven whole hours waiting for...
Green soccer ball

Ipswich 3 Wigan 0: The Goofy Club

Oh, didn't you hear? They're trialling a new grass green coloured football in the Northern Premier League next season. Wigan wildlife activist Alf Hart...
Jetpack penguin

Newcastle 2 Wigan 1: Fool’s game

Yes, dear reader, it's true - Arsene 'Penguin' Wenger did finally flap his wings hard enough to take off. When asked about staying at...
Football in the groin

Wigan 0 Aston Villa 2: A grack in the googlies

Ladies and gentlemen, The King has left the building... a pirate. Sayonara, Shortsman II. Your reign was as short as your shrinking pantaloons, but...